Roland Chadwick and Nick Linnick, The Prom, Oct 14

A late trip round the corner for the weekly dose of Prom goodness. And this was really exceptional – a guitar duo combining a virtuosic old master (Chadwick) with a young protégé/pretender (Linnick). The latter, just turned 18, is a remarkable player already. Not sure if he is from the area, but I’m guessing he is. Prodigious young musicians seem to grow up here like weeds from the pavement – though much nicer to see obviously…

Anyhow, this was all instrumental, and a reminder that the sound of two amplified acoustic guitars really needs nothing else. They played in complex unison with astonishing precision, then traded choruses gaily with great invention from both players. A great lift to the end of the evening, and another reason to be grateful for living on the Gloucester Road. Both these guys are worth looking out for: together they are really special. There’s quite a bit of them playing together  on YouTube, which confirms their rapport.

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