A few changes around here…

Jazz gigs are back, it seems. With a few adjustments to allow for, well, you know what for.

I’m disinclined to resume listing: not sure if that’s ‘cos I’ve been doing the blog for so long or because I still somehow feel sightly detached from live music. But here’s a roundup of who is planning what in Bristol (that I know about), as things really get going next month. Below are a bunch of links where you can find all you need to know.

First, Bristol’s own jazz festival makes a small come-back, starting on Aug 29th, then kicking into higher gear the first weekend of Sep. There’s a mix of live shows at St George’s, livestreams, and performances on the open air stage at Lakota, known as, ahem, “Lakota Gardens”. Details here.

Bristol’s other indefatigable jazz promoters are also getting back on the job. Andy Hague has moved the BeBop club to the refurbished Hen and Chicken in Southville – a translation also necessitating a shift to Thursday nights. A series of July dates went well, and there will be more after an August break – details not announced yet but they’ll be here soon.

Wednesday nights, meanwhile, see the return of Fringe Jazz, but not at the Fringe. That programme moves to the Bristol Music Club on St Paul’s Road in Clifton, where we are promised more space and a decent grand piano. The first gig, set for Sep 22nd, features Ian Shaw and Iain Ballamy. The rest you can find here.

The gig that uses their name gaving moved, the Fringe proper, as it were, have programmed a series of monthly gigs at the old place, beginning on Sep 9. Details here.

I’m assuming we won’t see the return of weekly gigs at Future Inns any time soon – why would a hotel bother with that when they are trying to stabilise their business during a (waning) pandemic? So it’ll be interesting to see if these two weekly sessions bed down, both with slightly higher prices than hitherto.

Ian Storror doesn’t have news of a list of bookings (yet) but is promoting an interesting new commission as a one-off on Sep 18th. It’s a jazz/poetry collaboration in support of the charity for young homeless people 1625 Independent People, and features music by Pete Judge and percussionist Harriet Riley. This one is at Bristol Grammar School’s excellent performing arts centre, and full details are here.

Finally, there’s another mini-fest at the beginning of October, honouring Keith Tippett and his vast musical legacy. I’ve written about that in detail elsewhere, and you can book here.

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