Gigs are back…

You’ve probably noticed that gigs are starting up again – at Breaking Bread, The BeBop club (next month), and elsewhere.

I’m not going to list them – after a dozen years of this blog I think I’ll take the pandemic as a clue to sign off from that little routine. Hoping someone else might do it, if they become so numerous they are hard to keep track of!

But I’ll make an exception for St George’s which is offering not one, but two excellent gigs this weekend, for which there nay be a few tickets still available. I’d be there, but have other plans that will mean missing both. But you should go…


Kevin Figes Saxes and Flutes and composer

Brigitte Beraha Vocals

Jim Blomfield Keyboards

Ashley John Long Bass

Mark Whitlam Drums

Acclaimed saxophonist and composer Kevin Figes, a leading name in the Bristol music scene, has assembled a virtuoso team for his latest recording Wallpaper Music.

The music in question is in fact a unique amalgamation of a wide range of influences including rock, free jazz, contemporary classical and folk, and teeters between lyrics, melody and open improvisation. It shows a maturity of voice and attitude for Figes – music that pursues its own way, pushing against the mainstream or any one genre, displaying an accomplished freedom.

and Sunday

A psychedelic improvising super-unit made up of sax and drum duo Run Logan Run together with long term collaborators on the jazz underground, Matthew Bourne and Riaan Vosloo.

Having first formed for a one off gig as part of a series of live broadcasts which RLR were organising, it was apparent that the quartet should continue working together. Strap yourself in and prepare to be taken on a voyage through space and sound!

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