CD review catch-up

Some reviews at LondonJazzNews since my last post on recordings back in June. 

Omri Ziegele Tomorrow Trio – All those yesterdays.

Han Bennink lights up Swiss alto player’s free-ish trio. link

Harry Beckett’s Joy Unlimited.

I always loved Harry’s sound. Lovely to see this one back in print. link

Huw Warren – Live at Ucheldre

Not a CD, one of two great solo piano recitals on Bandcamp – every musician’s lockdown friend. link

Matt Wilson quartet – Hug!

Lovely session from the good-humoured drummer raises the spirits. link

Raphael Pannier Quartet – Faune

Excellent debut from French-born drummer now in the US. link

Simon Moullier – Spirit Song

Like the above, except the French expatriate this time plays vibes, very well indeed. link

Nick Malcolm and Corey Mwamba – Chat

Another download only number, released by Bristol-based trumpeter and close musical colleague. link

Josephine Davies – Satori: How can we wake?

Live saxophone trio session, with some memorable improvisation from all three players. link

That’s all so far – but as gigs remain few and far between no doubt there’ll be more soon. Hope there’s something here you like.

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