CD reviews expanded…

Been doing more CD reviews amid all the strangeness (already exceeded last year’s tally), so here’s a round up of the ones posted in the first half of 2020 by my friends at LondonJazz news – earliest first. Click title links below each image for full review.


Jasper Hoiby – Planet B

Debut release by the great bassist’s outstanding new trio.



Andreas Schaerer – The Waves Are Rising, Dear!

Another favourite virtuoso exploring new territory.




Another debut, from a Bristol band of great promise. One day, they’ll be able to reschedule the launch gig!



Nduduzo Makhathini  Modes of Communication

Also taken as a debut by some, ‘cos it’s on Blue Note, but the South African pianist has been making great records there for years.




Matthew Shipp – The Piano Equation

Solo recital by master pianist in his 60th year. Fascinating.



Antti Lötjönen – Quintet East

First offering from another bassist, with a great Finnish quartet. Freebop fun with a contemporary touch.



Aaron Parks – Little Big II: Dreams of a Mechanical Man

A beautifully accomplished set from a very thoughtful pianist – slips down easy, despite it’s well-cloaked complexity.




Chris Montague – Warmer than Blood

Excellent trio CD from Troyka and My Iris’s guitar player, with lots of good stuff from a favourite keyboard player, Kit Downes.



Sara Serpa – Recognition

Serpa is an outstanding Portugese singer, now in New York. This rather amazing set is the soundtrack for a film about her native country’s colonial (recent) past, but you don’t have to see the film to appreciate how fine it is.



Patchwork Jazz Orchestra – The Light that Shines.

Big band EP from crack young UK team, all done in lockdown – clever stuff.



Soft Machine –Live at the Baked Potato

It’s a club in LA with an unprepossessing name, but the revitalised Softs called there in their recent tour and left with the files for this fine release – a nice way to remember the 1970s…


All for now, but in the absence of any live gigs (the only one I have a ticket for has been rescheduled for July 2021) more to follow, probably. Hope there is something there to divert some people in the meantime. Good listening, all.




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