Upcoming gigs (of a kind)

How are you all doing in this weirdly inactive world? Two months in, and there are jazz things to report in spite of the block on actual live gigs – the kind where you can listen to the players in the same room. I miss that a lot (as I mused here). But musicians – who after all spend their lives grappling with a bit of technology for making controlled noise – and promoters are getting better at handling the tech for online collaboration and streaming.

So there are a few “live” events coming up that will offer some consolation for us lovers of locally sourced music. The Fringe have a series of shows under way undef the banner of Bristol Fringe Live, with Kevin Figes featured on Weds May 20th. Blurb as follows:

Kevin Figes is a regular name on the Bristol scene and a distinctive, formidable composer, front man and record label owner. Never standing still, his ethos is to strive to produce new music which is challenging, well-crafted and from the soul. Kevin’s new album ”Changing Times” is due out on June 12th. This is his fifth quartet recording and is fearless in its dynamic and risks. Kevin will be playing most of his instruments, some of his music, some Hindemith, some Chris Potter and will be joined by a very talented young drummer @Miles Figes-Jones in the second half. It will be awesome I am certain. For Kevin’s music see www.pigrecords.co.uk

There’s a video preview of the new recording

And an interview with Kevin here too. You can also hear the entire thing (and buy it) on Bandcamp.

He’s not the only artist with a new CD out. The brilliant pianist John Law has a fine new recording with his Configurations quartet on his new label, Ubuntu, and offers a solo piano gig streaming on May 22.

In this live stream John Law (“One of the UK’s most imaginative and versatile jazz pianists” International Piano Magazine) will be playing a solo versions of tunes from his recent Congregation quartet album CONFIGURATION, just released on May 1 on the label Ubuntu Music, plus tunes by himself and other composers. All coming to you, in COVID-19 Lockdown, from his home studio just outside Frome. Set in the countryside, it’s quite possible that the music may be augmented at times by birdsong and the bleating of sheep…! To find out more or to buy John’s new album please see www.johnlaw.org.uk

Then there’s a mini-festival (9 hours!) co-ordinated by Colston Hall on Sat 23rd – Bristol Takeover Online – with a massive line-up including No Go Stop (preview of their offering here) Waldo’s Gift, Run Logan Run, Adrian Utley and Three Cane Whale. Details here.

Speaking of Three Cane Whale, their front man Pete Judge has a new set of solo piano pieces somewhat in a Three Can Whaleish (sorry) mood – recorded at St George’s. No live stream, but you can check that out on Bandcamp, and read Richard Williams’ enthusiastic review.

Not live, but improv fans can revisit last year’s Tongue Theory festival in a Youtube stream that’s available from Sunday May 24th

And if you can’t wait for any of these, Lady Nade is offering a Facebook live session this evening (Sunday), with her choice of other singers joining.

All these streams have donate links, so if you want to support local musicians so there are some gigs to go to when (if?) they can resume you know what to do.

Meantime, I seem to have been reviewing more CDs this year, but that needs another post…

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