The view from here

So my prediction that Bristol jazz fest might just make it before shutdown has already – like so much else – been overtaken by events. Live music is no more, for now. As jazz is the love of my life, this feels a bit like a trial separation after 45 years of pretty regular gig going.

That’s trivial compared with everything else (not) going on, and I’ll cope fine with recordings and video. But it does mean there’s not going to be much doing for this blog, which exists to comment on gigs and maybe encourage you to go to a few.

I’ll probably let it lie, unless I get the itch to write about things that aren’t gigs. I could post links to good stuff on YouTube, I guess, but I’m sure you can find your own.

Still, if there are players who are coming up with clever schemes for live-streaming, or putting up recordings on SoundCloud or Bandcamp, happy to pass on details as they come up. I’m sticking to my policy that the tiny traffic here means there’s no benefit to reviewing CDs, but may do reviews slightly more often for LondonJazzNews. (That depends on allocation, as lots of other folk who write about jazz won’t have gigs to go to either).

Meanwhile, do buy music, and donate to your favourite venue or band to help them keep heads above water. I’ve seen so many appeals along those lines I can’t choose any to pass on. But note that bandcamp is waiving it’s fees to artists all day Friday, so anything you buy then will do even more good.

Keep well, all.

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