Bristol jazz week – 18 June

An impressive variety of stuff around town this week, as usual. All the details from Tony Benjamin here.

The classical/jazz meeting in Clifton on Saturday is probably the most unusual offering. It is the latest in an annual series, and features William Goodchild and the 70-piece Bristol Symphony Orchestra. The two halves will feature arrangements of music by this year’s collaborators, Bristol’s Dakhla Brass and flautist Gareth Lockrane. Dahkla are orchestral thinkers already, so it’ll be intriguing to hear their pieces opened out like this, and Lockrane has a notable recent big band record to draw on. I last heard him with Eddie Parker’s Debussy project, and he’s a simply extraordinary musician.

The guitar pairing at Future Inns on Thursday ought to be pretty special as well. There’s an informative interview with both the front line players – Nigel Price and the Prague-based Libor Smoldas – at LondonJazz.

Finally, since this note usually appears after the week is under way, try and get to Bath next Monday for the latest in Nod Knowles enterprising series of gigs at Widcombe Social club. It features the Scottish-Netherlands collaborative ensemble Lolanders, who introduce themselves below. Fraser Fifield, the pipes player, hasn’t been down this way for a while, I think – I recall a striking set at Brecon a fair few years ago now – but his presence augurs well for a memorable evening.



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