Bristol Jazz Week – 23 April

The big news is that you can hear the Sun Ra Orchestra in all its glory – tonight! But there’s other important stuff to note, especially the welcome return of promoter Ian Storror, with an initial (I hope) series of three gigs at the Old Vic, beginning Sunday next. Here’s a note on how that happened. It really is worth supporting this series if you’d like to see regular visits by quality out of town and international bands, in a decent venue that is neither too large nor too small. That’s the kind that, for all its wealth of kind hosts for music, seems hard to find in this city.

Other things on offer this week are detailed here by Tony Benjamin, as usual. And one of our vital small venues scores heavily with a visit on Friday from Henry Lowther, and an remarkable line-up of bandmates. I’ve booked for that one, as advised.

Other small venues continue to do amazing things too, of course. A case in point was Future Inns‘ offering last week, when Jonny Mansfield’s quartet put on a show that was, I reckoned, world class. A gem of a quartet, who are superb in every department, and project huge enjoyment. Will Barry at the piano, seen here a while back in Jasper Hoiby’s band, was especially impressive. A great two sets of well-chosen tunes, though played for a regrettably small audience. The Fringe and the BeBop club consistently present first rate bands, but the touring visitors Future Inns brings in are often extraordinarily good as well. Do check out their Thursday night programme.




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