Bristol Jazz Week – 15 April

Before we get into gigs, you should enjoy this video evidence that you can’t keep a good musician (2 musicians) down – a pair of Bristol’s finest overcoming current medical obstacles to play one trumpet. Get well soon, Johnny Bruce and Nick Malcolm



Actually, Tony Benjamin’s weekly listing – here – indicates that Bruce is already back in unassisted action, with at least two appearances noted.

Also pleased to see that the brilliant vibes player Jonny Mansfield is bringing his small group to Future Inns on Thursday. His larger ensemble was a big hit with quite a few folks at the jazz festival, but I didn’t catch them then, so pleased to have another opportunity to hear this great player so soon. Not quite clear from various links whether this will be a trio or a quartet (+piano), but should be good either way. There’s a competing attraction at the Canteen, as Tony points out, but you’ll be able to hear better at Future Inns, I reckon.

Speaking of hearing well, it was good to drop in to the Old Fish Market’s Sunday evening session for the first time yesterday – really nice pub. And a pint on the way home from the station after a 4-hour train ride was greatly enhanced by hearing Sam Crockatt in tenor-sax trio mode, bringing to mind Rollins, Henderson, and a host of others who have enjoyed this exposed format. The pub does this every week, with personnel announced on their Facebook page here (though not usually in time for me to tell you).


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