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Bristol jazz week – 18 Feb

February 18, 2019

Here’s Tony Benjamin’s listing. As he notes, Andy Sheppard’s date on Thursday is already a sellout, unsurprisingly given the size of the venue.

Also sold out, I believe, is the gig Jacob Collier’s doing at Trinity Centre tomorrow (Tuesday). I’ve not really got into Collier yet – he seems to be simultaneously astoundingly talented and mildly irritating – but he’s obviously doing something right for lots of people, so enjoy if you’re going.

Meanwhile, off to that London this evening to hear Still Dreaming at the Barbican. Yay! We also appear to have a weekend booked in March when we’re going to hear Rhiannon Giddens in Belfast, followed by Anouar Brahem/Dave Holland/Django Bates in Dublin. This may be turning into a year of fewer, but larger gigs.

Still, the small ones aren’t to be missed either. Enjoyed both halves of the Ear Trumpet folk presentation at the Wardrobe Theatre last night – Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow and support Jacob and Drinkwater were each, in their different ways, excellent. Especially liked the use of the bass in the latter’s duo. I was hoping all four might get together at the end, just to se how a two guitars, fiddle and bass quartet might sound, but think they were out of time… A very enjoyable evening all the same.

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