Bristol jazz words

A few recent bits of writing about jazz-related things round here worth noting. A couple, as you’d expect, are by Tony Benjamin. He had this nice review from the Fringe last week of the Euro-Korean ensemble Dave Mowatt has organised, up in the usual place. And there’s a fascinating feature of his in the latest Jazzwise about Keith Tippett and Matthew Bourne’s collaboration. That isn’t online, alas, but is worth getting hold of. It also reassures that Keith is now back in good health – and the piano duo with Bourne is one of the hot tickets for our jazz festival in March. And while you’re leafing through Jazzwise, don’t miss the excellent review of Nick Malcolm’s new CD.

Speaking of new CDs, BeBop club maestro Andy Hague has a new one out too

image.pngand there are excellent reviews from Ian Mann here  who says,

The writing this time around is both more personal and more wide ranging and the playing from all five musicians excellent.

and on LondonJazzNews from Mark McKergow here:

He’s particularly taken with the way the two horns interact –

One particularly attractive feature of many of the ten tracks is the way that Hague finds ways to blow alongside Waghorn, so that there is a collective improvisation

You can listen to it yourself here.

No wonder Andy looks pleased.


Actually the photo (courtesy of Evan Dawson) is from a dark-defying collection taken at last Friday’s BeBop club gig by the impressive youngsters in Wandering Monster. And you can find a review of that one (by me) here, and more pics on flicker here.



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