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A few more 2018 CDs

January 9, 2019
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Not saying these were the best CDs of 2018, or even the best ones I heard, but all the stuff I happened to review for LondonJazzNews turned out to be pretty good and I haven’t done a roundup for half a year. So here, for ease of recollection for me, if nothing else, a half dozen worthy recordings.

Lorraine Baker – Eden.      link


A drummer-led set, dedicated to the great Ed Blackwell, that really delivers.

Ambrose Akinmusire – Origami Harvest           link


A remarkable work. Will you like it? I can’t say. Should you give it a go? Definitely.

Cuong Vu 4tet – Change in the Air.      link


Second outing for this quartet, the leader joined again by Mr Frisell to excellent effect. And yes, he does spell it like that, even though there’s room, typographically, to do it right: it’s jazzier that way.

Dwiki Dharmawan – Rumah Batu.         link


Indonesian jazz is also a thing. Intriguing.

Matt Anderson Quartet – Rambling.          link


Actually bought this one at the gig as I liked the band so much – and the recording doesn’t disappoint.

OK, that’s only five, but I’ll mention also one I haven’t reviewed, but did choose as a CD worth noting from 2018 in LondonJazz’s end of year roundup – a live recording of a band I’d love to hear in the UK. All the details on the cover for this one –


And it did get reviewed, just not by me…      link

Apparently there’s a DVD as well, but I bought the audio download so haven’t seen it. Sounds good without visuals, though. And oh look, there’s something like it (sans Wynton Marsalis) here.

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