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Help keep the music going

October 17, 2018

You may have noticed a good proportion of the most interesting visitors to our small clubs get Arts Council England backing these days. They are typically small grants, but as door money doesn’t cover touring expenses they’re often the difference between playing away from a musician’s own neighbourhood or staying local.

But grant-swinging is a game some lose – so what about the rest? Maybe crowd-funding can help. An upcoming date for guitarist Vitor Pereira at the BeBop club is a case in point. As he writes:

I’m going to have a UK tour in November to release my band’s new album.
Unfortunately my arts council skills weren’t enough and I’ve decided to put together a crowdfunding campaign to help me out with some costs. The tour will happen either way but this would just help me not get in debt.
We’re playing at Bristol’s BeBop club on the 9th November.
I’ll write down some more info and links and hope for the best.
Here’s the kickstarter link with more details. Looks like he’s about half way there with a fortnight to go – so a bit of a cliffhanger. I’m really not sure how this would work if it became a regular thing but this looks like a tremendous band so any generous readers here have a chance to support performance of some excellent music…  And really, if you’re the sort of punter who is liable to pick up a CD at the gig, all you have to do is pay for it in advance.
Here’s his own website, and below is a sample of what the band sound like live.
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