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Bristol (and Frome) jazz week.

September 11, 2018
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Tony Benjamin has the main gigs in Bristol listed for you here. But with all due respect to all the players highlighted there, I reckon the gig of the week is down the road a way in Frome.

Ian Ballamy debuted an all-star quartet with Jason Rebello on piano, Percy Pursglove on bass and flugelhorn and Mark Whitlam on drums at the Fringe the other week. It was a superb evening by all accounts – see Mike Collins’ review. The same foursome now have a date in Ballamy’s home town on Friday, at Frome’s Merlin theatre.

It’s a great prospect. When it comes to piano players to complement Ballamy’s wonderful sax sound,  Huw Warren is the first name comes to mind – we heard them in duo a little while ago at Llandudno jazz festival, which was a weekend highlight. But it sounds as if Ballamy is developing a similarly fruitful relationship with the brilliant Rebello, another almost-local luminary. I recorded a (vain) hope that Ballamy might shift a bit closer to Bristol when Andy Sheppard left town. This looks like the next best thing. Already wondering if the trains will allow one to get back to Bristol after the gig or if this needs to be a car club evening…

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