Bristol jazz week – 4 September

Looks like a bumper jazz week in Bristol if you’re in town (I’m not). But for those who are: enjoy! And take a moment to appreciate the work Tony Benjamin puts in to rounding up gigs across such a range of venues – here. I know how much time it can take to do this properly, and he does it every week, without fail. A real service to the music.

There’s one to add – as Future Inns also resume their weekly date this Thursday (I think they put it up late). They’ve also raised their entry price, though it’s still very reasonable and has a hefty student discount. Interesting – I had sometimes wondered if the small audiences down there might be due to the perverse psychology of low prices leading people to assume it wasn’t putting on stuff that was any good…  Now we’ll find out, perhaps.

And if you do look at their website, try and remember that they start at the top with the gig that’s furthest ahead, so this week’s is down the bottom somewhere. This can confuse!

That niggle aside, the new bookings look very promising, with local up and comers We are Leif this week, and an 11-piece, no less, in a couple of weeks. That should entertain the restaurant diners upstairs.

Meanwhile, after a fine evening at the Fringe last week, I’ll be in the lookout for good music of any kind (jazz seems pretty much absent) in Belfast again. Wish me luck.


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