Bristol (and Bath) jazz this week – June 12

The BeBop club now on a long Summer break, but still plenty going on, as Tony Benjamin details here.

His listing includes a delightfully unexpected one-off – a visit to Bath Spa’s Micheal Tippett Centre by Paul McCandless. It’s a little way outside the city at Newton Park, but I teach there occasionally so can say that if (like me) you are carless, there are plenty of buses from Bath bus station that ensure students get to and from their classes on campus, so pretty easy to get to. Don’t know anything about the Bath Spa big band but the university does run a jazz course so assume this draws on their students. The gig also features the US West coast trio Charged Particles, who have been playing with McCandless around the world. There’s a bunch of numbers on YouTube to sample beforehand, like this.

The Michael Tippett Centre is a pretty nice venue, too, so this should be an excellent evening –  and there are plenty of seats left at the time of writing – though there are worthwhile gigs in Bristol the same night if you don’t wish to leave town…


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