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Eyebrow/Mammal Hands – St Georges, May 24

May 21, 2018

Here’s a neat piece of programming. Mammal Hands are everybody’s favourite spiritual jazz/trance/folk/electronica/minimalist (what else have you got?) trio – last seen in these parts at the Fleece last December. Tony Benjamin, as ever, captured the occasion for Bristol247.

For this return date, in the slightly more genteel ambience of St Georges, they’re paired with the long-running (nearly a decade now) improvising duo EyebrowPete Judge on trumpet & electronics and Paul Wigens on drums and occasional violin. Although this is music more rooted in improvisation, the results of the Bristol-based duo’s creation are nicely compatible with Mammal Hands’ sometimes dreamy offerings. They deploy effects, loops and repetition to create beautifully atmospheric results – less miniaturist than one of Judge’s other notable projects, the popular Three Cane Whale; less hard-driven than yet another, Get the Blessing.

It’s a remarkable trio of projects for one player to be involved with. All three have been described as cinematic, and that’s apt as the gig is part of the Filmic 2018, and both sets will feature custom visuals. Eyebrow are working with video artist Kathy Hinde. Here’s a segment from a show they did together last year, which shows how they build from simple materials to fascinating effect.

Should be a fine multi-media evening. There’s more on Eyebrow here, and lots more music (sans visuals) on their bandcamp page here. And here’s Mike Collins’ enthusiastic response to one of their other recent gigs, in Bath, along with comments on their latest recording. He calls them a “Bristol treasure”, and I’d have to agree. So a chance to hear them in Bristol’s finest venue is something that had to happen. Here’s to double bills that are more than the sum of their parts.

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