Bristol jazz week – 2 April

Blimey,  there’s a lot on this week – as detailed lovingly by Tony Benjamin here. I’d forgotten about Gregory Porter at Colston Hall (already sold out). Never mind, we heard him on his first visit to Bristol at St George’s – a much better venue to appreciate that voice.

Tempted by Julia Biel at the Lantern on Thursday, though. That had also passed me by, which is tricky as I’d planned to catch Salena Godden’s poetry gig at Arnolfini. Wait, I see that’s sold out, too. Their book club must be in a smaller space than I’d realised.

Off now to book for John Law at the Fringe on Wednesday, a venue that also sells out pretty often these days. I dunno, all this planning ahead for jazz goes against the grain, somehow… Even had to book to see him last time he was billed at the BeBop club, but that one got snowed off, so it’ll be good to see this quartet in Bristol’s other favourite weekly slot. The CD they released a while back is enormous fun, and live they are even better.


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