Bristol jazz this week – Feb 20

So the jazz festival didn’t signal the advent of Spring after all, but was still splendid, if a bit chilly at times in the foyer, and even the Lantern! My reviews of Get the Blessing on Thursday night, and highlights of the other three days, are up on London jazz, with some great photos from elusive genius Mick Destino.

There are also some nice “instant” reviews from Emma “40 gigs” Champion, which are well worth a look. And Tony Benjamin had generous overviews for Bristol247 – here and here.

As usual, Tony is also your best guide to what’s coming up, in case you weren’t sated over the weekend. I hadn’t spotted Nick Malcolm’s new quartet playing Colston Hall foyer on Saturday, so that’s nice freebie. Visitors from over the (Welsh) border Duski look like a good bet at the BeBop club on Friday, too. Mike Collins rated their CD highly, here, so it’ll be good to catch them live. Saw Mike at a couple of jazz festival gigs on Sunday, so hoping he’ll find time to share his impressions as well – see his spiffy blog redesign here.

Finally, Andy Novak’s date at the Hen and Chicken on Sunday is the last before the venue has an extensive upstairs refurb. None too soon, if you ask me. The music/comedy room is fine, but the terminally damp windows in the gents do appear to sport new life forms each time you visit, which can take the shine off your evening. Ah, the jazz corners of the city, doncha love them?

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