Any jazz vinyl out there going spare?

My friend Colin who helps runs the music side of Bristol’s Amnesty bookshop (and was a booker, then an A&R man back in the ’60s and ’70s…) tells me they’ll have a stall again at Bristol Jazz and Blues fest next month.

We’ve done well out of this in the past and have CDs, books and photos (many by David Redfern) to sell you. However, vinyl donations have been sparse recently. (Why? Who knows? Maybe everyone is buying new decks and revisiting their old collections?).

So if you have any jazz goodies on vinyl you’d like to part with in a good cause, donations now would be much appreciated, especially as we don’t know where the festival will be next year.

You can drop them into the shop  – a few doors down from the Co-op on Gloucester Rd in Bishopston – six days a week. Do it on a Monday morning, say Hi and I can thank you personally. Or we can collect. I’m going to have a rummage in my collection now. Just need to make sure the ones I might want to listen to again are on Spotify…

19621084_10155426385601487_6992848180747130982_o.jpgTreasure? Colin at work upstairs in Books for Amnesty.


  1. BTW, any stuff that doesn’t sell at the Festival will revert to the usual channels – mainly the monthly record fair at Colton Hall, which we also find very rewarding.

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