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Bristol jazz week – Jan 13th

February 13, 2018

Plenty to choose from this week, as usual. Tony Benjamin’s invaluable preview, here, lists 12 gigs in 11 different venues. True, Andy Sheppard and co’s date at the Fringe on Wednesday is already sold out (maybe he’d like to play a slightly larger space next time he’s in town with the Doctors), but there are lots of other good things.

In case that’s not enough, here are a couple more. The incomparable Quercus (June Tabor, Iain Ballamy and Huw Warren) are playing in Cardiff on Saturday night (Feb 17th). They don’t have any Bristol dates scheduled as far as I know so if you’ve not heard them before it’s definitely worth a trip.

Closer to home, bassist Greg Cordez launches his new CD at the Wardrobe theatre next Monday (Feb 19th). I mention that one partly because this note often doesn’t get posted until Tuesday, but mainly because the music is great. The compositions on the new recording (which I’ve just reviewed here) were heard at a gig or two last year, but the actual CD hadn’t been made then. This is the launch, proper, with the quintet heard to great effect at the Fringe –  the familiar sax and trumpet team of Jake McMurchie and Pete Judge, with guitarist Steve Banks and drummer Matt Brown. There’s also the promise of some even newer pieces by Cordez that are probably destined for the next recording later in the year. This is a rare outing for a band that does full justice to the leader’s satisfying writing.


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