Bristol jazz week – 22 Jan

An early appearance this week for Tony Benjamin‘s weekly listing. Here’s the link on Bristol247. Good things happening at the Hen and Chicken and Future Inns, particularly, this week.

TB’s previews have been ranging far and wide over more adventurous jazz-related musics recently, you may have noticed – touching on venues this blog rarely visits and players I often haven’t come across either: there are only so many gigs one can fit in.

He’s rounded up a good deal of this in a feature in the latest (Feb) Jazzwise. It’s not available online, as far as I can see, but well worth a look if you want to pick up the magazine. (Also available at the central library if you’re down that way, I think.) It’s a good piece, and good to see the Jazzwise folks offering some proper regional coverage, now that interesting music is so widely distributed across the nation. Certainly brought home to me that there’s more going on in Bristol than I knew about.

More traditionally, and with Bristol Jazz and Blues fest not far away, here’s a nice bit of Pee Wee Ellis’s funk ensemble, with some sax back and forth with Josh Arcoleo, that Ronnie Scotts just put up on YouTube. The great man has enlivened almost every festival so far. His all-star gig on this year’s programme is already sold out, but it’ll be surprising if he doesn’t appear on the main stage, or jamming on the freestage, a few times over the weekend as well.

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  1. Typical…I cancelled my subscription to Jazzwise in December having stated in a survey that I was disappointed by the magazine’s lack of emphasis on local or regional content. It seemed to me that Jazzwise could do with reports and previews from a national network of informed jazz fans (like you, Jon and Tony of course) who regularly attend gigs. I should not have been surprised I suppose that as soon as I cancelled my sub the magazine would do a feature on the wonderful Bristol jazz scene.Thanks as always, Jon for this blog and the link to Tony’s 24/7 page.

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