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Bristol jazz week (with bonus Tuesday gig)

June 6, 2017
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Another bumper week of gigs – they just keep coming. Tony Benjamin has all the details here on Bristol247.

The all day feast of improvisation on Saturday at St Stephens is the standout, as he says (see previous post here). Also worth noting the unusual appearance of an early evening foyer gig tonight (Tuesday) at Colston, when Jake McMurchie’s quartet will pull in some homebound commuters, I hope.

And don’t forget the BeBop club on Friday, where their season closer features Nick Dover and Nick Malcolm‘s quartet. Haven’t made it down there much recently, but that’s not because the quality of the music on offer isn’t consistently high. Look forward to seeing who they line up when the club returns in September.

Tony also has a generously proportioned review of the excellent double bill at Colston on Sunday, although he’s more polite about Jay Phelps‘ winsome vocals than I would manage to be. They nearly had us heading for the doors before the second set was properly under way. Glad we didn’t though, as the instrumental numbers – especially the set closer and the encore – were excellent. And the wonderful Mark Lewandowski, soon to join the Julliard ensemble, really did sound like the next Dave Holland. The last bass players who enthralled like this on first hearing were Jasper Hoiby and Percy Pursglove. He’s one of a select group who I’m sure I’ll go on listening out for as long as I can.

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  1. Karen Street permalink
    June 7, 2017 6:36 am

    Hi Tony, firstly thank you for your emails and info on what’s on in the jazz world in Bristol. I remember a while ago you were urging people to get out and support jazz as audience numbers were falling a bit. Hopefully that’s changed but it has occurred to me more and more (not because of any negative experience I have had) that there are very few women performing in Bristol on the jazz scene. There are many great players out there and they need to be represented. After all half of your potential audience are women? I have a daughter who is 18 ( a musician) and she is making me much more aware of the imbalance. I know you aren’t responsible for this – it’s just an observation worth mentioning I think to any promoters struggling. Karen Street

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