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Bristol this week

May 9, 2017

Behold the regular link to Tony Benjamin’s weekly preview on Bristol 247.

I’ve already mentioned the John O’Gallagher visit to the Fringe on Wednesday. There are a couple of other things to add. There’s a rare performance of Alan Ginsberg’s Howl at the Greenbank in Easton on Thursday, voiced by Nick Moore, and with free accompaniment from Hugh Kirkbride double bass, Roger Skerman drums, & Dave Mordecai tenor sax. The same gig also sees music from Vulpine 2Paul Shearsmith trumpet, Keisuke Matsui guitar, Roger Skerman drums, described as “Improvisational experimentalism all the way from London town”.

Finally, note another experimental outing, in a slightly different sense, on Saturday for trumpeter about town Dave Mowat, for which I also quote from the blurb for accuracy.

Chai For All weaves together klezmer and Arabic music, infused with jazz, Yiddish song and storytelling. Here it previews material from the forthcoming show ‘Longing Belonging & Balfour’, the first full performance of which takes place on Thursday 13 July at Henleaze United Reformed Church (URC) Bristol.

On Saturday 13 May 6.15pm, at Colston Hall: Foyer, Bristol, Chai For All presents a Work In Progress (WIP) performance, with an after-show discussion and feedback session. With Knud Stuwe, oud; Mark Smulian, bass; Simon Leach, guitar, oud, percussion; Katie Stevens, clarinet; Marianna Moralis, vocals; and David Mowat, narration and trumpet. Free entry. Child friendly. Feedback to the show is greatly appreciated.

‘Longing, Belonging & Balfour’ WIP focuses on the Zionist and Jewish perspectives of the period before the Balfour Declaration of 1917 when a ‘Jewish Homeland’ in Palestine became a real proposition under the protection of the British Empire. The Palestinian persectives on the Declaration are currently under development, to premiere at the full show.

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