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Bristol jazz this week

April 10, 2017

Here’s Bristol247’s weekly guide, a day earlier than usual. Especially excellent things at Future Inns and the BeBop club this week, as Tony Benjamin writes. Elliott Galvin’s trio were great fun last time out. I don’t know Rick Simpson, but his band certainly has a fine personnel.

The venue’s blurb pasted below, for interest.

Rick Simpson Launches KLAMMER Album Tour…
“Simpson is a skilful manipulator of the effect of an overall piece”
London Jazz Review of London Jazz Festival performance 
” …with Klammer he has a group which gives full voice to his ambitious and exciting compositions.” 
The Vortex, London
“…complex ensemble playing and modern textures/rhythms with enough space for soloists to shine…”
EFG London Jazz Festival
“There’s fine ensemble playing, revealing multi-layered textures, crunchy sonorities and sensitive voicing”
The Cross-eyed Pianist, blog
Award-winning pianist and composer Rick Simpson has been no stranger to the heart of the London jazz scene – on both the new music and more traditional fronts – for many years now, and with Klammer he has a group which gives full voice to his ambitious and exciting compositions.
His music for Klammer focuses on through-composition, complex ensemble playing and modern textures/rhythms, though with enough space for soloists to shine and plenty of wit and levity to boot.
The band is completed by some of the young London jazz scene’s most sought-after rising stars.
George Crowley – tenor saxophone 
Mike Chillingworth – alto/tenor saxophones + clarinets 
Ralph Wyld – vibraphone 
Rick Simpson – piano 
Tom Farmer – double bass 
Dave Hamblett – drums
Since graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2008 Rick Simpson has performed with musicians such as Christian Scott, Eric Harland, Joe Sanders, Michael Janisch, Ernesto Simpson, Martin Speake, Earl Burness Travis, Stan Sulzmann, Jeff Williams and Brandon Allen as well as younger musicians in London. Rick plays in the ensembles of Jay Phelps, Tim Thornton, Tommy Andrews, Leo Richardson, Paul Riley, and US Jazz Singer Hailey Tuck amongst others. 
Rick is based in London playing a wide variety of music, and leads his own group playing original jazz music. Rick is a regular performer at Ronnie Scotts, the 606 Jazz Club, Pizza Express Dean Street, The Vortex, The Bull’s Head, and he has also appeared at the Royal Festival Hall and the Purcell Room.
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