Jazz this week – March 21

Late this week, due to jazz festival distractions. Now that’s all over, normal weekly gigs resume, as Tony Benjamin rounds up here. Last weekend was pretty full of music, but I think I might be ready for some more by the time Sam Crockatt gets going at the BeBop club on Friday…

Meantime, various reviews of the jazz festival:

Macy Grey on Sunday night (I left well before the last bit due to festival overload).

Andy Sheppard plays Metropolis on Thursday night (mine).

What I heard Fri-Sun – on LondonJazz, with great photos from John Watson.

Tony’s selection from the same days.

Altogether a great weekend, and the Festival seems in very good shape after five years. It’ll be great if they can continue their booking of a few slightly more adventurous contemporary line-ups in the Lantern. Radio 3 recorded a couple this year (Yazz Ahmad and Jasper Hoiby’s band, I think, so look out for them on Jazz Now on 17th and 24th April respectively) so that extra bit of attention should help. As you can read, the latter was my gig of the weekend. A set where my attention never wavered because it was so consistently good, which was quite something by Sunday evening.

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