Bristol jazz week – 6 Dec

Going to content myself with linking to Tony Benjamin’s preview again because, you know, it’s all there.

A busy week of crowded gigs as we near the Xmas break*. Brubeck at St George’s is more or less sold out, I think. Get the Blessing at Arnolfini are sure to pull the crowds, and Andy Shepppard’s farewell (for now) gig on Sunday looks like being packed out as well.

But don’t overlook the superb line-up of the band visiting the BeBop club this Friday, or the delights of Sefrial the previous  night at Future Inns.

Me, I haven’t been to a gig for a couple of weeks as I wanted to hang on to the memory of hearing the Liberation Music Orchestra in London, but I think it’s time to turn out for some of these…

*note: some extra keen venues don’t actually take a break – see the programme for the Fringe.



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