Bristol jazz this week – 23 Oct

Two gigs stand out this week* for departing from habitual one-band-and-two-sets formats. Thursday (Oct 27) sees the Match and Fuse Tour booked for the Cube (up behind King’s Square off Jamaica Street). It’s an always enterprising effort that seeks unusual European bands, and arranges musical exchanges to mix everything up. This time we have (to quote from the blurb)

Horse Orchestra who bring “an irreverent approach to its melding of disparate styles” (Free Jazz Blog), from 1920s classic jazz compositions to 1960s free jazz and modern classical music.

Joining them are “Norwegian power trio Krokofant [who] white knuckle an adrenaline rush of kinetic riffs that straddle prog rock, jazz and heinous skronk” (Jazzwise). Hear references to King Crimson, John Zorn and Peter Brötzmann in their set.

The evening also features a set from Bristol trio Michelson-Morley, Jake McMurchie’s jazz/electronica outfit that also boasts Dan Messore on guitar and Mark Whitlam on drums. Then the whole lot of them get together and make new music…

It’s a thing you see more often on the free music scene, and, as it happens, there are three trios for the price of one at Cafe Kino‘s new regular session this month (Friday 28th). Trio 1 has Mark Langford on bass clarinet and sax, the remarkable Dominic Lash on bass and Roger Telford on drums. Telford also plays drums with Phil Gibbs on guitar and Paul Anstey on bass, then we’ll hear two basses with Telford. You get the idea…

If that’s not enough novelty for one week, the Rose of Denmark in Hotwells (just round the corner from the Bear) offers a Saturday session with jazz and… tapas. Jerry Crozier-Cole plays guitar and Andy Nowak keys. The food down there’s pretty good so sounds like an excellent way to spend Saturday evening.

The more conventional weekly gigs have nice things too. James Morton Band are at the Fringe on Wednesday, which’ll be intense in that cosy room; Future Inns has the saxophonist John Lloyd‘s quartet on Thursday, with the mouth-watering quartet line-up completed by John Law on piano, Tom “Empirical” Farmer on bass and Dave Hamblett on drums. The Be-Bop club the following evening (Friday) presents Kevin Figes excellent sextet. There’s also a special late night showing of Clint Eastwood’s old movie Bird with Forest Whitaker doing a decent job of impersonating Charlie Parker at the Watershed on Friday 28th, with suitable music in the bar from 22.00.

Finally if you seek temptation further afield, the brilliant Laura Jurd and her quartet Dinosaur are playing the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on Friday, and trains to Cardiff are back to normal after the Severn Tunnel works so it’s a feasible excursion for the carless… Their new CD got a five star review from John Fordham, and it’s a lovely venue. Highly recommended.

*and don’t forget the other weekly preview for Bristol247, from Tony Benjamin, here.




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