Bristol jazz this week – Sep 26

If you want to catch Soweto Kinch in rap mode at the Wardrobe Theatre tonight (Monday) or the inimitable Moscow Drug Club at the Fringe on Wednesday, you’re out of luck if you don’t have a ticket already: both are sold out according to the venues. Some of us may have to plan our evenings a bit further ahead…

What’s left? There are interesting dates at Future Inns, with Italian-born singer Rosanna Brandi appearing on Thursday, and the BeBop club, where Andy Hague’s quintet play on Friday. I’ve not come across Brandi before, so you’ll have to judge for yourself. Hague’s band has long been a showcase for some of the best local players, has a strong book of the leader’s tunes, and always come across well at the Bear, which seems like their natural home. The classic line-up of Hague on trumpet, the formidable Ben Waghorn on sax, sparkling Jim Blomfield on piano and Mark Whitlam on drums is completed by a new bass player Chris Jones, also recently seen in Jim’s trio.

Competition that night comes from one of Andy Sheppard’s occasional solo performances, in the theatre (as opposed to the back room) at the Alma Tavern – another sellout in prospect there, I imagine. And on Saturday you can hear the power of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Colston Hall’s Lantern.



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