Jazz service resumed…

I’ve been a bad blogger. Pretty intermittent, and sketchy, posting here over the Summer. You don’t care why, I’m sure.

Still, the invaluable Bristol247 listing seems to have become less regular just now, and doesn’t pop up ’til Tuesday when it does appear*, so I’m going to try and do a weekly note again from now on. It won’t be comprehensive (no time), but I’ll highlight what look to me like the most enticing forthcoming gigs.

First up this week are Andy Sheppard‘s good-humoured Pushy Doctors, playing in what seems like their natural habitat at the Fringe on Wednesday. OK, it’s not the most comfortable room in the world but it’s a great space to hear them in, and to enjoy Tony Orrell‘s drumming and Dan Moore‘s keyboards. A superb band who give the impression of playing mainly to amuse themselves, thus amusing everyone else.

Thursday sees Gary Alesbrook in the comparative comfort of Future Inns, then there’s a stunning offering at the BeBop club in Hotwells on Friday (16 Sep). Let them tell you about the line-up.

For our first touring band of the autumn we welcome Danish bassist Henrik Jensen and his quartet Followed By Thirteen. The group is on the road to promote their second CD release Blackwater, and features a truly international line-up. American trumpeter Andre Canniere is a rising star on the European jazz scene who has performed with such luminaries as Maria Schneider and Bjorkestra. Also from Denmark, pianist Esben Tjalve’s delicate playing compliments Jensen’s compositions with exquisite taste, and underpinning the whole band is the sensitive touch of Italian drummer Antonio Fusco. Henrik Jensen’s rich bass tone has gained him work all over world from the Blue Note in Tokyo to concert halls in Moscow while still keeping busy on the London jazz scene. Henrik Jensen – bass, Andre Canniere – trumpet, Esben Tjalve – piano & Antonio Fusco – drums.

And next Sunday (Sep 18) there’s another stellar touring band, guitarist Kristian Borring’s quartet, at the Hen and Chicken.

With Corrie Dick (BeBop club) and the effortlessly stylish Art Themen (Future Inns) coming up next week, Autumn jazz in Bristol is well under way.

  • Monday update – no, here it is…


  1. Welcome back…you have been missed.Thank you for the update. Four nights of unmissable gigs ahead. I’m off to The Alma tonight (Sunday) to hear Daan Temmink, Jake McMurchie et al.. Only heard about this from Daan himself further reminding we followers of the importance of your excellent blog. Thank you once again.

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