August lull

Well a bit of a lull on the blog, anyhow. Apologies to my reader(s?) for failing to post the weekly link to Tony Benjamin’s Bristol247 jazz roundup this week. Hope you found it anyway – I was distracted by 3 pleasant days in Manchester, including a jazzfest sample of which more anon.

Various impediments mean I probably won’t manage to post the new link next week, although you’ll be able to read it somewhere here.

There is, in any case, a bit of an August lull in prospect at our jazz venues. Future Inns have a nice Thursday date this coming week, then a short break, the BeBop club are off ’til September, and Ian Storror says he’s nothing to offer for the next few weeks, not intentionally but just because there wasn’t anyone to book…

So you’ll all have to go to the Fringe and the Canteen, won’t you? Details of their coming dates from links on the right.

And there are plenty of good things getting into the diary for the Autumn – preview of some those when normal service here resumes in a week or two.


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