Bristol jazz week – 23 May

A little late this week with the diary – but here’s the link to Tony Benjamin‘s preview of Bristol’s jazz delights.

I’d add two dates for the brilliant bass player Olie Brice’s quintet. They’re on a tour that takes in Dempsey‘s in Cardiff on Wednesday and, more unusually, Future Inns in Bristol on Sunday.

That’s a welcome addition to the regular Thursday dates at Future Inn. Brice, also seen in Nick Malcolm‘s quartet, is an immensely thoughtful player at the melodic end of free music, and this band is stellar, with a three horn front line (Mike Fletcher, Alex Bonney, George Crowley) and the wonderful Jeff Williams – recently seen at the BeBop club – on drums. They’re playing new music on the way to being recorded, and this is the half-way point on the tour so they should be well into it by then. Brice explains some of his hopes for the music, and makes it sound exactly my kind of thing, in this fascinating blogpost.

There’s also a tour preview here and an interview with Brice here.

The Bristol gig, again unusually, is billed for 4.30 on Sunday. It’s a bank holiday weekend so maybe this will catch enough people at a loose end to encourage Future Inns to do it again!

Here are three of the quintet playing as a trio – so all you have to do is imagine them with an additional sax and a cornet in the front line… (wait, add one more – Nick Malcolm is guesting on the Bristol date, too).


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