Jazz bargain of the year?

A little late this week, thanks to the splendid goings on in Cheltenham, but here’s the regular link to Tony Benjamin’s Bristol247 jazz preview.

As he says, the most notable date is probably Howard Alden’s unexpected appearance at Future Inns. He’s the “don’t try and follow my chord shapes this is a seven string guitar” wizard who wows anyone who has ever pushed a string down on a fret. And, I’d say, he’s a a great listen for everyone else, too. His last show in Bristol, to a rapt Lantern audience at the jazz festival – a couple of years ago, was it? – was pretty great. I’m sure this one will be, too, and the jazz club room at Future Inns promises to be a great place to see him.

As Future Inns are keeping their £5 (£3 for students) pricing on the door, it’s probably the jazz bargain of the year too – though they may emphasise their usual invite to make additional donations this time.

Here’s a suitably stunning sample from another recent UK set.


Meanwhile, for the record, reviews of half a dozen sets from Cheltenham, where the festival seemed bigger and better than ever this year, here, here and here – thanks to LondonJazzNews for including me in their (four strong!)  review team, and to John Watson for the photos.

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