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Another top ten of 2015 CDs

December 17, 2015

As usual, I’ve done a quick top ten of 2015 CDs, from the unrepresentative sample I’ve heard, ‘cos it seems the done thing.

I’m doing it, also as usual, mainly to mention a few that may not have made the “best of 2015” lists in the glossy mags. These are recordings by current UK ensembles, with a couple of exceptions. They are all, at least, work by bands you might have a chance to go out and hear live in 2016, in Bristol or not too far away.

No particular order: just a bunch of things I liked that you might like too…

Laura Jurd, Human Spirit

Partisans, Swamp (my review)

Barry Green’s New York trio, Great News

Mike Westbrook’s Uncommon Orchestra, A Bigger Show

Julian Arguelles Tetra

Julian Arguelles (again) and HR Frankfurt Big Band, Let it Be Told. (my review) And, yes, you can hear them next year at Cheltenham Jazz Festival 🙂

(NB, not NDR big band as I wrote in haste – though they did provide a great set of Bill Frisell tunes that I’ve also enjoyed hugely…)

Kit Downes and Lucy Railton, Tricko.

Marius Neset, Pinball

George Crowley, Can of Worms

Greg Cordez quintet, Paper Cranes.

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