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Well and truly reviewed…

December 11, 2015

When X (protagonist whose name escapes me) reviewed a book, it stayed reviewed.

One of the actual decent lines in Martin Amis’ The Information (which, incidentally, marked his surrender to a downward spiral of overwritten tedium from which he has yet to emerge – I judge by the, um, reviews, as I’ve not given time to a book of his since…)

Anyway, books are pretty easy to review. You read the words, ideally all of them, then assemble some more that relate to the first lot. I don’t do many these days but I’ve committed hundreds of them in the past.

Music’s harder, or ought to be. Music and words are orthogonal. Dancing about architecture, and all that.

And live music, especially the interesting kind with genuine improvisation, should take different people different ways. So it’s  interesting to me that there’s enough intersubjectivity to evoke compatible views.

Case in point: Greg Cordez quintet’s (excellent) CD launch gig at the Hen and Chicken last Sunday night. I wrote about it for Listomania here. (Seeing the site’s proprietor Charley Dunlap in the audience I thought I wouldn’t need to but he’d already written about the CD). Bristol’s indefatigable jazz reviewer about town Tony Benjamin reviewed it for Bristol24/7. Last but not least, pianist and fine writer Mike Collins wrote about it on his blog site.

It may only matter to Greg, and perhaps the three of us, but I think you can tell we were at the same gig, and we all liked it a lot for similar reasons. But judge for yourself if you’re interested, and do try and get hold of the CD

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