Bristol jazz week – 7 Sep

A late entry as I’ve been in Norway for Punkt Festival (of which more elsewhere).

Bristol jazz begins to pick up after the Summer lull this week. Fringe at the Mall don’t resume for a couple of weeks, but the Be-Bop club are back this Friday, with what looks like a mainly local programme on offer so far. Andy Hague explains:

“the club has no funding for this season so we are having to run as a door-take venue with no guaranteed fees for the artists. Every audience attendance makes a difference, please support the club or it will fold”.

However, he adds: “undeterred we still have a fantastic programme coming up, including some big name tours which will be added to the website shortly”, so fingers crossed for some decent turnouts down at the Bear. The season opener this week is Andy himself, with a very promising organ quartet completed by Anders Olinder (keys), Denny Ilett (guitar) and Andy Tween (drums).

There’s an early evening free entry foyer session at Colston Hall on Friday for the touring trio of startling young pianist Elliot Galvin, who is one of the talents who emerged from South London’s Chaos Collective over the last few years. (They are playing Dempsey‘s in Cardiff on Tuesday, for those on the other side of the mudflats  estuary). Galvin talks about their tour here in a piece for LondonJazz. Colston is also the venue for the hot-ticket launch of Get the Blessing’s fifth album on Sunday night in the Lantern.

Thursday at Future Inns sees a trio of new faces in organ trio Three Step Manoeuvre, and the great blues singer Maggie Bell is at the Folk House on Saturday. Kevin Figes Octet – a fascinating line-up of Bristol’s finest playing new music play for Ian Storror at the Hen and Chicken on Sunday 13th.

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