A new jazz listing for Bristol

Bath has its own listing site – Listomania – which has been going now for quite a while. It is easier to navigate than Bristol’s more recent offering Bristol247. What’s more, it happens to be run by someone who knows and loves jazz, so the jazz listings are, shall we say, particularly comprehensive.

Listomania Bristol launched last week – and the jazz representation is just as good. Go to the site, select music, and you will see listings organised by day, and a set of categories you can click. If, perish the thought, you were interested in jazz and nothing else, that currently brings up more than 80 dates, something over half the total listed. That may not be a proportional representation but it’s jolly useful for those who favour this particular minority sport.

Go here to see what I mean.

The Bath site also has excellent reviews, and the new one will too in due course. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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