Bristol Jazz week

In haste this week, as the Jazz Festival is on…

Tony Benjamin’s preview of the coming week is up and accessible on the Bristol 24/7 site, so this time let me just link to it – here.

Only thing to add is a strong endorsement for his recommendation of Nat Birchall at St George‘s on Thursday  – which won’t be like anything you heard at the Festival, I think, and as he says has the rather brilliant Corey Mwamba on vibes who should sound fantastic in St G’s.

And a mention, too, for Sefrial at the BeBop Club on Friday – alto player Sophie Stockham‘s really interesting new project – and the new crowdfunder for her other band, the wonderful Dakhla, who are planning production of their third CD. It’s already recorded and mixed, so the modest target is just to make the physical CDs to spread the music, as well as digital download. They are a great band: This needs to happen. Do subscribe if you can – here.

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