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Bristol Jazz week – 22 Nov. Over to Listomania…

November 21, 2014

Here’s an experiment: With regret, I’ve given up trying to use the new Bristol247 website. Hope they get it working one day, but certainly not yet.

However, I’ve just reminded myself that Charley Dunlap (Bristol Jazz Fest trustee and very knowledgeable he is too), maintains a pretty complete list of upcoming gigs on the excellent website. Usefully, you can search by category – “jazz”, say – and get a full list. And he covers Bristol very well in addition to Bath. So this week let’s just link to that – HERE

That looks complete to me, save for mentioning that you can hear the excellent Sefrial at Future Inns on Thursday. I reviewed them the other week, saying they needed a venue where you could listen properly, so this should be it.

On the other hand, the line-up at the Mall for Fringe Jazz on Thursday looks unbeatable, especially the rare appearance of the remarkable Paul Rogers on bass. He has a remarkable bass, too. Man and instrument blew me away when he played at St George’s a few years ago.

Here are a few of the things he can do with it – fingerstyle

– or bowed

Not to be missed this time, I think.


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