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Bristol jazz week, 14 July, (and RIP Charlie Haden)

July 14, 2014

A late list this week as I’ve been away, so, in haste –

Guitarist Neil Smith leads a quartet including Craig Crofton (sax), Dan Moore (keys) and Matt Brown (drums) at the Canteen on Wednesday, and the Jazz Reggae sessions enliven the same venue on Thursday.

Thursday has a great prospect at The Fringe in Clifton as guitarist Tony Remy joins James Morton‘s band for the evening. That was him throwing off the amazing, Hendrixesque guitar solos with Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley at the Bristol Jazz Festival back in March…

The excellent saxophonist Ben Waghorn brings his quintet to Future Inns the same evening, and Kevin Figes duo play at No 1 Harbourside.

That’s all I have in Bristol. The Marlborough jazz festival at the weekend is an easy visit from here, though. Details of that one here.


Finally, nothing to do with current events locally, but any jazz blog should note Charlie Haden’s passing a few days ago. Is it really five years since his triumphant appearance with the Liberation Music Orchestra at Ornette’s Meltdown on the South Bank, and his duo with Coleman the following evening? Apparently it is. I heard him live a few times before that astonishing weekend – with Old and New Dreams long ago, with the LMO on an earlier London visit, with Quartet West, in trio with Geri Allen and Paul Motian. Every one was an evening to treasure.

Here’s why…

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