Gig of the week – Jean Toussaint, Hen and Chicken April 6

The great saxophonist Jean Toussaint’s quartet are visiting Bristol to play for Ian Storror – and all of us – on Sunday night. I could tell you lots of good things about them. As it’s the final night of a CD tour that has gathered some exceptional reviews, and I’m short of time, I’ll let other people do it instead.

John Fordham reckoned his last (live) CD worth five stars, as “one of the year’s best documents of a contemporary small band skilfully chancing its arm”. Review here

Derek Briggs went to the gig they just played in Cheltenham for the Gloucestershire Echo, and concluded that “Toussaint is a genius”, “a commanding, emotive and rhythmic player”. More here.

Full details of Toussaint’s career and who is in the current quartet from Ian Storror here

And I reckon full, blow by blow, review of the band’s sets in Shrewsbury by Ian Mann seals the deal.

(There’s also a podcast interview with the leader here on LondonJazzNews, which I’ve not listened to as I prefer to read, but I imagine is quite good… and a nice crit of the CD from Adrian Pallant here)

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