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Review catch up – a gig and some CDs

February 16, 2014

Quick post to link to a few recent reviews…

One gig which deserved recording in words was Kit Downes‘ quintet last week, and who better to do that than a piano player, as Mike Collins showed.

Also worth mentioning, perhaps, is that, I’ve been reviewing the odd CD for LondonJazzNews. The estimable Chris Parker, who used to do most of their reviews, has stood down. He’s a hard act to follow, so a bunch of us are trying. My efforts so far are responses to Basquiat Strings, Get the Blessing, and Jon Irabagon, in case anyone’s interested. Still feeling my way here, but they’re fun to write because of the self-imposed necessity to think about the music as well as just enjoying it. I’m interested myself to see if the style settles down. A review of a recording, which I’ve rarely done in the past, also has the possibility that you can see if it stands up to later scrutiny, or at least makes sense, with the music still accessible. Anyway for me, to state the obvious (no opportunity missed) it’s another way to explore the curious preoccupation of a non-musician puzzling over what music does, and how.

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