In Bristol this week – jazz etc

Not sure when Venue‘s listings are switched off but still expecting that to happen, so here’s a first go on the blog.

If I’m going to do this I’ll probably not have time to give much detail or put in links, so I’ll assume that as it is on teh internetz you can find the links on the RH of the blog’s home page or just google up what else you want to know…

So, deep breath:

Kora virtuoso Bale Sissoko plays the Lantern (formerly known as Hall 2) at Colston on Tuesday

Trumpeter Arve Henrikson and keyboard player Ståle Storlokken play a duo set followed by a notable new choral requiem at St George’s on Wednesday

Kevin Figes‘ quartet play for free in Colston Foyer early Thursday evening, with Andy Sheppard and friends at the Fringe in Clifton later on and  guitarist Alex Hutchings at Future Inns.

Action at Colston yet again on Friday, with the Damn Busters doing a foyer set and The Hidden Orchestra (an “electronic jazz quartet”) in the Lantern in the evening.

Also Friday, sax player John Burgess leads a quartet at the BeBop club in Hotwells, along with top notch locals MIke Willox, Will Harris and Mark Whitlam, and The Brass Junkies can be seen down at the Canteen in Stokes Croft.

Anything I missed? Do put it in the comments.


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