The end of Venue and Bristol jazz…

If I read my twitter stream right, the last vestige of the excellent old Venue mag, the listings website which kept the name alive on the net, is set for the chop in a couple of weeks.

I hope the estimable Tony Benjamin still gets to preview gigs in the Bristol Post (their Friday/weekend mag is worth perusing just for that) but I guess the absence of the still impressively comprehensive Venue music listings will mean it gets that bit harder to find out what’s going on at jazz venues around town.

So I’ll try and list a few more dates here from now on. The readership is modest, but then the gig audience if often modest too so it might make a small difference.

I’ll check the regular venues’ sites for details, but if there’s anything you want to make sure gets up here feel free to email me details, as some folks already do – jonturney (at) I’ll just post/paste what people say – any personal recommendations will be kept as separate posts.

Oh, and If anyone thinks this is worth doing, or sees things missing when I get round to doing this, feel free to say so in the comments.


  1. Jon, I do think this is worth doing! I have been known to drive from work in Coventry to a gig in Bristol and then home afterwards. I can’t be alone in doing this. These days, regional jazz promoters and enthusiasts have to help each other with promotion. The excellent Coventry Jazz doesn’t have any gigs for 2014 yet, despite bagging Empirical! My own local club, Stratford Jazz is in talks with another local jazz promoter to ensure our survival. The business model seems sound (we have not lost any money yet, and we try to offer reasonable fees) yet numbers depressingly flatline. Next year we have TG Collective, Duncan Eagles, John Law’s boink!, Bryan Corbett and Maciek Pysz, all before April. It’s an exciting season but how to reach the enthusiast? We have nothing like Venue. So please post about Bristol. We have to feel we are doing something. As you once told me, it will never be enough. But at least we will have tried.

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