Guide to Bristol Jazz venues – and upcoming gigs

There seem to be more of them these days, so  this blog now has a new page with a brief guide to jazz venues in Bristol – and I’ve updated the links to the various venue listings. I’ll try and maintain this as – while the Venue listings remain the most comprehensive source about what’s coming up – I don’t think there’s anywhere else that gives a run down of jazz venues like this. Any additions/corrections gratefully received.

Haven’t found time to write it up, but Julian Arguelles gig at the Hen and Chicken last Sunday was superb, as anticipated. Melody McLaren has some fine photos of the same band’s London show – both times, the second set was multi-part suite, played straight through, an impressive feat of composition and performance. The quartet are making a recording at the end of this short tour, which will be one to watch out for.

Missed Roller Trio and GoGo Penguin at Colston Hall last night because of an event in London, but plenty to choose from over the next few days: Dave Newton at Future Inns today (Thursday), Arabella Sprot at the BeBop Club and Bad Ass Brass at Fiddler’s in Bedminster (not on my venues list…) on Friday, Tamco at the Alma on Sunday night. The autumn is getting busy already, and we have the great David Murray to look forward to next week at St George’s. Think that will need a proper preview in a day or two.

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