Coming up – Ivo Neame Quintet, Sunday

I was going to write about the resurgence of local jazz dates for the Autumn season, at St George’s, the Be-Bop club (starting again this week), The Fringe, Future Inns and elsewhere, but I see Mike Collins has beaten me to it. Do read his round up of venues and plans here.

So let me single out one immediate prospect instead. The ever enterprising Ian Storror has put together an enticing series at the Hen and Chicken in Southville. As before, they feature high class visitors from out of town, starting this Sunday with Ivo Neame‘s quintet.

This has Jasper Høiby on bass, so you already have 2/3 of Phronesis which is reason enough to go. Add Tori Freestone (last seen in Bristol with the tremendous Compassionate Dictatorship at the BeBop club) on sax, the great Jim Hart on vibes and Dave Hamblett on drums, and compositions featured on pianist Neame’s Edition records CD Yatra, and it is a mouthwatering prospect. As Ian promises to bring us Martin Speake, Julian Arguelles and Jean Toussaint on future dates, I really hope this first offering in his new programme pulls a good crowd. It certainly deserves one.

More details here.



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