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Back to the Future (Future Inns that is)

July 31, 2013

Much beguiled by the BristolProms this week (and hoping to find time to write about a couple of things), and looking forward to Brecon… but meantime worth noting that Jazz is reappearing at Future Inns.

The former home of the club run by Ian Storror had a very nicely set up music space downstairs from the main bar. Looks like it is now being revived as a free venue, on Thursdays, which is welcome. Odd time of year to reboot, but never mind. It’s the usual suspects at the moment, so another place on the growing list of Bristol venues for local musicians to put in their diaries – along with the Fringe, which is also continuing through the Summer.

So, for example, if you can’t wait to see the John Pearce Band at the Fringe on Aug 29th, you can now see them tomorrow night (Aug 1) at Future Inns instead – or maybe as well.

Still ill-disposed toward the hotel for pulling the plug on their old club which staged so many good things, but it is walking distance from home so messrs Pearce, Dave Newton et al are a tempting prospect. The room is twice the size of the Fringe, too, so they need a good crowd…

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