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Coming up – Marius Neset, St George’s, May 2

April 29, 2013

There is so much stuff to read/watch/hear that saying anything is unmissable nowadays is asinine – but this one is as close as it gets. There are plenty of virtuoso saxophone players – though Neset is obviously already one of the best. There are fewer striking jazz composers, and he’s one of those, too (with a distinct, and distinctly welcome Django Bates influence). His career is already ascending, and I wouldn’t expect him to visit Bristol so often in years to come -he’s already debuted at Colston 2 and played St George’s in duet with Daniel Herskedal and in Dave Stapledon’s double quartet.

Those were both memorable evenings, so the chance to hear him there with his own quartet, playing material from his really very good new recording is to be relished. My twitter timeline has already seen plenty of comments to the effect that he is on amazing form on this tour. St George’s, as usual, being the ideal venue (as June Tabor et al’s truly wonderful sets last week confirmed yet again) everything points to a superb gig. Really, if you only go to one jazz thing this half of the year, this would be the one.

Failing that, you can catch then in Cheltenham the day after, where the Jazz Festival will be building up to its too-many-good-things-to-choose weekend. We’ve chosen Dave Douglas, Mike Gibbs, Gary Burton, Sons of Kemet and the Edition Quartet featuring… Marius Neset, this  time with Herskedal, Stapledon and Neil Yates. Intriguing combination. There’s far too much else on in Cheltenham to avoid missing really good things, so the “nothing is really unmissable rule” has been invoked again as a sanity/wallet saver on Saturday and Sunday.

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