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Reliable reviewing

November 3, 2012

Having reported on Tony Benjamin’s birthday celebrations, it’s also good to congratulate him again on producing such good reviews of all the right gigs. I’ve not found time to write about either the Kairos4tet/Sam Crowe gig at St George’s, nor Moonlight Saving Time’s splendid ep launch at Colston Hall last weekend (nor, for that matter, the Unthanks back at St George’s this week…) – because of, y’know, work and stuff.

TB was there, though, and has done the business for both on Venue’s website: Kairos here and Moonlight here. These little pieces are so good. As one who tries to keep up with gigs around town, and write about them a bit, I can say the effort to do it this well – and I assume for little reward – is not to be underestimated. Bristol is lucky, i reckon, to have someone with such good ears following its musical affairs so assiduously.

And while I’m singing his praises, he even has a preview of the next standout gig – at St George’s next week (Ortiz, Jansich, Osby) that hits the spot. Must try and do a piece about that one myself, come the time…

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